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What are Agents Saying About Equis?

As a single mother and member of the Army Reserves, Dee Dee Carter is committed to forming a life of significance for her and her family. Working overnight shifts and selling cosmetic products wasn't providing a sense of security or well being, but the Equis system provided an outlet for Dee Dee to strive for something more. This is her featured success story with Equis Financial.
Cassie Dostourian, an Equis Financial agent who is in the process of building her team, is the type of person Equis is striving to base their company around. Cassie joined Equis Financial mid-2016 and in 6 months was pennies shy from making $100,000... Cassie was able to pay off all of her student loans and personal debt, while also providing a sustainable life for her daughter and herself. We are proud of Cassie and her strength to strive for success and look forward to seeing everything she will accomplish here at Equis Financial.
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Working with an Equis Financial Partner:

What makes Equis different?  What makes us better?

We are Equis Financial, The Agent’s Company! View our all-encompassing company overview video to gain an understanding of who we are, where we’ve come from, and what we stand for. Get a glimpse of our leadership team, the many different support departments located in home offices across the country, and the day-to-day life of an Equis agent. By the end of this video, you’ll know exactly why we proudly declare ourselves The Agent’s Company!
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​New Agent Training Resources

Whether you're not yet licensed and brand new to the industry, or if you're a seasoned insurance professional looking to diversify your portfolio, we can help you make the transition to Mortgage Protection through our multitude of training options.  Most training can be done from the confort of your home or office and in your spare time.  So whether you're a part timer just looking for some extra income, a full time agent looking to make six figures, or an agency builder looking to bring your income to the multiple six figure level, we have the training and support through our Launch Pad platform to get you there.  

The Bottom Line:
What is the Equis Difference?

We Truly Are The Agent's Company

  • Exclusive high-quality lead system.

  • Industry leading compensation.

  • Equis training system ensures a fast and profitable start for our new agents.

  • Continued training by top agents to keep our agents at the top of their game.

  • Generous bonus program for both individual agents and agency managers.

  • Vast portfolio of insurance companies and products allow our agents to find their clients coverage no matter the situation.

  • Top annuity and final expense products to compliment our life insurance sales.

  • A true plug and play system for agency managers to grow successful and sustainable agencies.

  • Incentive trips to world-class destinations.

  • The absolute best support staff to provide assistance with new business, leads, sales support, licensing, underwriting, and marketing.

  • All the tools an agent needs to start and grow a lasting career
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